Customer Care

How do CUDONI price my items?

At CUDONI, our pricing strategy is informed by our experts and current trends. We use technology developed in-house to make pricing decisions based on both our own internal data and the trends we see in the market.
Thanks to all our expertise and research, we know your pre-loved items are valuable, and we want you to get the earnings you deserve. When we are evaluating a piece, we look at four things: the designer or brand, relevant market trends, when the item was produced, and the condition of the item.
Some designers and brands are always in high demand, like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. With these brands, you might even be able to earn more than the original retail value when you sell them with CUDONI.
Trends will always influence what people want to buy, so we use that market research to determine what colours, finishes and seasons are most popular right now.
If your item is new, it will likely fetch a higher resale value. However, if your item is vintage or rare and from a noteworthy season or collection, you could again earn more than you might've originally paid for the piece.
At CUDONI, we categorise the condition of each item we sell into one of five groups: fair, good, very good, excellent and immaculate. An item that's as close as possible to its original condition will always have a higher price tag.

Is the valuation a percentage of an item’s regular retail price?

Our valuations are data driven based on successfully achieved prices for similarly sold items around the world. Unfortunately, the retail price for an item does not necessarily correlate to its value on the secondary market.

Can I increase the valuation you provide?

It’s important to note that we initially list for significantly higher to extract the maximum value from your items. The listing price will then gradually lower until demand is generated.

We are always happy to discuss our valuation process with you. Rest assured, we'll always aim to realise the highest sales price possible for your luxury items.

If we are unable to agree on a valuation you are comfortable with, we will return the items to you free of charge.

Is there a fee for having my items returned?

Item returns are free of charge.