Customer Care

How does Instant Purchase work?

We offer two different selling options. We can sell the items on your behalf through our consignment service, or we can offer you an instant purchase quote, whereby we buy the items from you and you are paid within 48 hours of accepting the quote.

Please note that the instant purchase quote is for select items only. However, we will make a full assessment for you once the items reach Cudoni HQ.

What can I sell with Cudoni?

We sell women’s and men’s fashion and accessories, shoes, handbags, luggage, watches, fine jewellery, and high-end consumer electronics, from a variety of different designers as per our designer directory. If you are unsure, please contact us.

What happens if you can't accept my item?

This may be for a variety of reasons, including, condition, brand and item type. Fundamentally, however, it is related to the resale value of the item. If items don’t meet our criteria, they are returned free of charge.

Why can’t you accept brands not listed in your designer directory?

Certain brands sadly don’t retain their value in the pre-loved market. We want to make sure that our sellers get the maximum value for their items and for that reason we would not accept items that would not hold any value.

Please see our Designer Directory for a full reference of all the brands we can currently assist you with

Where do you list my items?

We take a multi-channel approach to selling, listing every item around the world on a variety of different marketplaces, in the local languages of those marketplaces. Rare and unique items are even extended directly to our network of private buyers.

Why do I have to send my items to you?

It is difficult to provide accurate valuations without having physically seen and held the items. There are a lot of variables involved and we want to ensure we are as accurate as possible from the start of the process, as we believe this is a more positive experience for our customers.

Please rest assured, your luxury items are safely and securely housed in one of our fully-insured warehouse facilities until purchased or returned.

How long does it take for an item to sell?

We sell most items within 14-30 days, although some items can be sold in as little as a couple of minutes depending on market demand at a given point in time. Typical reasons for a slower than usual selling time include:

  • Market demand

  • The condition of the item

  • The price of the item

  • The brand

What is your commission?

You can earn up to 70% of the net sale price for your items*.

Our commission tiers apply to total sales value over a 12-month selling period, and the more you sell, the less commission you pay. You retain 60% of the first £1,000 in sales, 65% of the following £9,000 in sales, and 70% thereafter.

A minimum commission of £15.00 is charged per item.

*this may change occasionally due to promotions