Customer Care

Who will collect my items?

Depending on your collection type, your goods can be collected contact-free by one of our VIP representatives or by our trusted courier service.

Do my items need to be pre-packaged?

For our VIP collections, our representatives will bring materials along to package up all your items. If you would prefer a quicker collection, please have the items pre-packaged.

If you are sending via our trusted couriers, please have items packaged in a sealed box or bag to protect them during transit. The box needs to be securely sealed with strong tape - we would recommend double-layering the openings of the box both horizontally and vertically, and also taping over the openings in multiple places.

Will I receive a receipt for my items as soon as they are collected?

Yes, of course. We understand the importance of providing proof of what was collected so that you are fully reassured.

Are my items insured?

Throughout the entire process, from the point of collection to the point of payment after sale, your items are insured.

The insurance value is based on the earnings at the estimated reserve value on the resale market.