Customer Care

How do I return my item?


We accept returns on all items within 14 days of the item(s) being received. To be eligible for return item(s) must be in their original condition with Cudoni tags attached. All returns are charged at £6.95, you can create this return using the steps below.

To process a return:

  1. Contact us via email at to request a return and state the reason you would like to return the item(s) to us. A member of our customer service team will be in touch.

  2. Print out the provided return label and attach it to the box. Please note that items must be returned through our international courier partners. The return fee of £6.95 includes our comprehensive insurance cover and is purely for the protection of our buyers.

  3. Dispatch the return at any Access/ Drop off Point within 3 working days of the label being issued (we will confirm the carrier when issuing the label via email).

  4. On receipt of the return at our HQ, 5 working days are required for all quality checks on the item(s).

  5. On receipt, your return will be thoroughly checked by our sales and authentication teams. For the return to be accepted, all returned item(s) should be sent in their original condition with Cudoni security tags still attached.

  6. If all return conditions are met. Your return will be processed with your £6.95 returns charge deducted, and your remaining refund securely deposited back to the bank account used to place the order within 5-10 working days. If you have used site credit on your order, please see below.

  7.  If return conditions are not met, the item(s) can be returned to you at your expense. Alternatively, the item can be sold once again through the Cudoni marketplace on behalf of you as the buyer, see here.

Returns & Site Credit

Site credit refunds with an expiration date are only valid until the original expiration date issued with the original credit code. If the original expiration date has already passed the site credit will not be refunded.If you request a part-return on your order, the site credit will be attributed across all items within the basket and will be refunded proportionally based on total order value. For example, you place an order for 2 items valued at £1000 and £1500, totalling £2500, and use a £100 site credit coupon. If you then decide to return a £1000 item, you will be refunded £960. Which is the item’s value minus it’s proportion of site credit used.
(Site credit / total order value) x item value = site credit apportioned to the item.