Customer Care

What can I sell with Cudoni?

We sell women’s and men’s fashion and accessories, shoes, handbags, luggage, watches, fine jewellery, and high-end lifestyle consumer electronics, from a variety of different designers as per our designer directory. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Where do you list my items?

We take a multi-channel approach to selling, listing every item around the world on a variety of different marketplaces, in the local languages of those marketplaces. Rare and unique items are even extended directly to our network of private buyers.

Can I increase the valuation you provide?

We initially list for a higher price to really drive your earnings up and extract the absolute maximum value for your items. The listing price will then gradually lower until demand is generated.

We are always happy to discuss how we approach pricing. Rest assured, we'll always aim to realise the highest sales price possible for your luxury items.

Please note that all valuations are pre-commission. We use our algorithms to push for maximum sale prices, but final sale prices are open to market conditions.

If we are unable to agree on a valuation you are comfortable with, we will return the items to you free of charge.

What is your commission?

You can earn up to 70% of the net sale price for your items.

Our commission tiers apply to total sales value over a 12-month selling period, and the more you sell, the less commission you pay. You retain 60% of the first £1,000 in sales, 65% of the following £9,000 in sales, and 70% thereafter.

There is a £15 minimum commission which only applies if the sliding scale falls below the 40% commission level.

Are my items insured?

Throughout the entire process, from the point of collection to the point of payment after sale, your items are insured.

The insurance value is based on the earnings at the estimated reserve value on the resale market.

How do I track my sales?

You can now track the progress of your items via your online Cudoni account. This can be accessed at URL and you should be able to see all your items and track sales in the "My Sales" tab. If needed, you can also reset your account using the "forgotten password" functionality.