Why 2022 is going to be a huge year for Burberry

Why 2022 is going to be a huge year for Burberry

As the UK’s foremost homegrown luxury brand, Burberry is a globally-recognised name that makes people think of trench coats, neutral plaid and a little jousting knight. But, after 165 years creating iconic clothing, 2022 is set to be an exciting one for the British brand. Here are five reasons to keep your eye on Burberry in the coming months.

They’re getting a new CEO

Marco Gobbetti, who’s responsible for bringing Riccardo Tisci in from Givenchy and reinventing the brand, is departing Burberry at the end of 2021. Rumours are circulating about who might replace him, and at the top of the list is Jonathan Akeroyd, Versace’s current CEO and the former CEO at Alexander McQueen. The only concern here is that Tisci could follow Gobbetti out the door, but he’s said in numerous interviews he’s not doing that anytime soon.

The spring 2022 collection was a hit

If you think everyone isn’t going to be clamouring for a piece from Tisci’s latest animal-inspired collection, think again. With cow prints, cutouts and caped hoodies, it was whimsical but still highly wearable thanks to the muted colour palette. It was one of the most personal collections Tisci has done for Burberry, and it seems injecting a bit more of himself into the clothes paid off for the coming season.

The dawn of the backless trench

Another highlight of the spring 2022 collection was a very unexpected twist on Burberry’s iconic trench. During the digital show, the camera panned to the backs of models, revealing their coats’ completely missing back panel. Although it was meant to add a little shock value to the show, taking it off the runway and into the streets will make for some amazing looks that highlight spring dresses, high-waisted jeans and patterned jumpers.

The ongoing move toward climate positivity

According to Burberry’s vice president of corporate responsibility Pam Batty, the brand will be climate positive by 2040. They’ve created the Burberry Regeneration Fund to invest in insetting and reduce their emissions, and they’re on track to reach their five-year goals they set in 2017 next year.

Lizzo is the brand’s latest fan

Burberry has many famous fans, including Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna. But the latest celebrity to choose the brand is Lizzo. The singer opted for a Burberry plaid minidress (Instagram link) for her latest tour, and even had a plaid manicure to match. It’s one of the latest looks from the brand to capitalise on the ‘90s/early ‘00s trends, and it’ll no doubt create a whole new fanbase for Burberry.

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