Who What Wear: An Editor’s Perspective

Who What Wear: An Editor’s Perspective

By: Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear
Imagery: Phill Taylor

Who What Wear Editor-in-Chief Hannah Almassi is the latest resale obsessive to experience Cudoni, and here’s what she thought of the experience.

I’m thrilled that there’s a luxury resale site making waves in the UK right now, and it’s a name you’re going to want to bookmark: Cudoni.

I’ve tried many international options, but having something on home turf that is particularly focused on a great seller experience (more on the super-easy concierge service later), very careful vetting (only the best of the best make it online) and a selection of really hard-to-find It items (everything from rare Birkins to the most coveted Rixo dresses) makes this high-fashion hot spot a new most-visited destination for me. Keep scrolling to learn more about Cudoni, see which pieces I’m selling and the items I’ve wish-listed for the future, unless you snap them up first…

Some resale sites are overwhelmingly stacked with random, not-really-designer-designer products and are far too complicated to use (both as a seller and a buyer), but Cudoni prides itself on making things as concise, curated and effortless as possible.

Instead of hundreds of thousands of pieces on offer, you’ll find the hidden gems here are actually very easy to unearth thanks to the luxury expert’s careful editing process and understanding of what shoppers really want to buy. And if it’s super brands you’re looking for, this is the hub. We’re talking Chanel, Dior, Gucci and the like, all available in abundance.

This is a marketplace where you can trust the authenticity and craftsmanship of the items available because they are so minutely analysed before becoming available, and nothing subpar is allowed to sneak in. The Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves: With 4.9 out of five, it has an unusually high percentage of happy customers!

Why is it so great for sellers?

The team at Cudoni are fully aware of the laborious process sellers are often burdened with when trying to sell their pre-loved goods, so their outlook is to do everything in their power to make this end-to-end service as easy, quick and pain-free as possible. Not only that but being based in the UK makes the whole process of selling so much faster, with the added bonus of an international network of buyers primed to purchase your items.

Using data and a slick concierge-style service (see below), you’ll find that basically all the thought and hassle is taken out of your hands, leaving you to simply let the magic happen, watch the profits roll in and research what’s next for your wardrobe.

What’s the concierge service like?

From the moment a client signs up, they are allocated a personal account manager, a Client Concierge, who will assist throughout the whole process from start to finish.

It’s all about giving you the most luxurious gift of all: time!

Things start with a free home collection at a time and place of your choosing. Once the items are picked up they are insured by Cudoni. Then, it’s on to item authentication and expert valuations based on real-time data from Cudoni’s international network of shoppers in order to get you the optimum price for your beloved pieces. Finally, the nitty-gritty and time-consuming faff of photography, listing and uploading are totally taken off your plate—the dream. Throughout this process you can liaise with your dedicated Cudoni rep to ensure you feel happy with the valuations, or the items can be returned to you free of charge.

Designer resale tips


Be ruthless with your own items: If you haven’t worn something for a long time and it doesn’t work with anything else you own, it’s time to part ways. Conversely, you have to know when something in your own closet is too love-worn or too low-value to really be worth selling.

Think about what others want: Look to trends and consider key outfit moments, such as fabulous dresses being snapped up during wedding guest season. 

Remember it’s all about improving your wardrobe: Far better to own one fantastic designer coat that fits beautifully and will last a lifetime than to own multiple styles that don’t pass muster, so use resale as an opportunity to refine your personal style. 

Start Selling


Set up a wish list: Yes, you have the wish-list functionality on Cudoni, and that’s great for curating your shopping basket, but I also mean a list of key items you want to be able to track down. For example, I’m forever on the lookout for a classic Max Mara camel coat, Sonia Rykiel knitwear and vintage Lacroix earrings. It’s good to know what those most-desired items are so you can keep checking in. 

Get to know your sizes: All brands size differently, even if the label says the same thing, so it’s a good idea to get to know which brands suit your body shape, and try items on IRL. For example, I know that I can make Prada shoes work in a 36.5 and a 37, which gives me more options to play with. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Cudoni do offer returns—a service that’s very rare in the world of resale.

Don’t buy on a whim, but do act fast: Rare items are rare for a reason! So if you find that perfect preloved piece you’ve been hunting for and you’re certain of it, then it’s wise to respond quickly. This doesn’t mean I’m encouraging you to go wild on a spending bender every time you see something that makes your heart skip a beat, but just remember that many items are not widely available, and it may take you a while to find something again.

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