Time for a wardrobe cleanse

Time for a wardrobe cleanse

How a professional organiser can help you get your wardrobe in tip-top shape

Do you ever struggle to locate items in your wardrobe, find it difficult to maintain organisation and order, or feel completely overwhelmed when trying to choose an outfit at the start of the day? Having a messy and disorganised wardrobe can be stressful and often results in overbuying if you don’t have a clear idea of all the items you own. However, with the help of Homefulness, London’s leading professional organisers, your wardrobe can become the functional and beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of. And as for those unused items? Well, we’re here to turn them into cash. Keep reading to discover how.

Cleanse your wardrobe

Cleansing your wardrobe of the items you no longer wear is the first and most important step in creating a wardrobe that’s a pleasure to both look at and use. A professional organiser can also support you through this sometimes overwhelming task, offering advice on tried-and-tested methods of purging and giving a helping hand with larger tasks. And, there’s a bonus here: by selling any items that are in good condition to Cudoni, you can earn some extra spending money, and give those pieces a second life.

Plan your wardrobe

Planning your wardrobe is the next step. Homefulness will lay out your wardrobe space to the centimetre, ensuring that whatever space you have is utilised to the max. This will include figuring out which organisation products can be incorporated to make the best use of your wardrobe, like shoe racks, storage bins and drawer dividers.

Organise everything

Organising items in the wardrobe according to the plan is the final step. At this stage, a professional organiser will implement systems like categorisation, incorporating any organisation products and adding labels to ensure future maintenance is easy.

Keep it effortless with Homefulness and Cudoni

Getting the wardrobe of your dreams has never been easier. Cudoni can assist you with every step in selling your pre-loved items and Homefulness can help you with your wardrobe transformation from start to finish, including measuring and shopping for organisation products so you don’t have to.

Cudoni and Homefulness’ professional consignment and organising services ensure that your wardrobe is one worth bragging about!

And why not take it one step further? With Homefulness, you can even choose to have your wardrobe fully digitised, enabling you to create an outfit at the click of a button. Reach out to info@homefulness.co.uk to find out more.