Give the Gift of luxury: Fine Jewellery

Give the Gift of luxury: Fine Jewellery

The festive season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the gifts you’re going to treat your loved ones to. This is the year to be more mindful about your shopping, and take a more circular approach. It’s kinder to the planet, it’s better for your budget, and it’ll help you find more unique gifts they’ll surely love.

If you’ve decided to give someone on your list a piece of pre-loved jewellery, you’re in luck, because Cudoni has so many beautiful options. If you’re not sure where to start, our Cudoni experts can help. Whether you’re looking for diamonds, a watch or a gold necklace, we’ve got all the knowledge you need to find the best pieces and wow everyone.

Think about who you’re buying pre-loved jewellery for

When buying jewellery for someone, consider their lifestyle. Do they wear jewellery everyday, or is it just an occasional accessory for them? Do they use their hands a lot? Are their ears pierced? 

“A prong set diamond ring can be set high or low, and someone who likes to put their hands in their pocket may find a high set piece of jewellery bothersome,” says Cudoni’s gemmologist, Namaste Lochrie. “A heavy watch is also a potential thought, but some people like to go light and others like a heavy accessory.”

Namaste recommends taking a look at your giftee’s current collection of jewellery, and making sure your choice compliments what they already have. Determine whether they have a preference for white or yellow gold, and what colours they gravitate towards.

Consider what stones you want to gift 

If you’re thinking about stones, again ask yourself whether the piece will be for everyday or occasional. And if you think diamonds are outside your budget, think again. “Everyday pieces will require harder stones, such as diamonds or sapphires,” Namaste explains. 

She also recommends keeping the meaning of certain stones in mind. Emeralds, for example, are popular in western culture but not as popular in Asia. Namaste suggests a birthstone, or something that holds a special place in your heart or is significant to your family. “It’s always a nice touch to consider sentiment whilst choosing your stone,” she says.

Choose the right designer

When considering what brand of jewellery you want to gift, certain ones will keep their value longer than others, which means they’ll be a great investment. Rolex, Breitling, Cartier and Patek Philippe are just a few excellent watch choices, and certain models might be better investments than others. “The Rolex GMT-Master has increased in value over time, with models such as the Batman and Pepsi facing great demand,” says Namaste. For jewellery brands, she recommends Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co and Piaget, all of which we carry at Cudoni. It depends on your budget, but honing in on certain brands and models is definitely a good idea.

Namaste also recommends choosing sustainable jewellery, and staying safe when buying jewellery for someone rather than making a bolder choice. But her top tip? “Don’t forget that luxury jewellery and watches are forever gifts to be passed down for generations. They’re heirlooms with a life cycle of their own. The re-sale of luxury jewellery and watches means you are entering that cycle and are able to offer that little bit more.”