Being on trend doesn’t mean you can’t be sustainable! Shopping preloved helps you to keep on top of the latest fashion trends while contributing to the reduction of fashion waste.

Editors Choice – Adrian Leca

Adrian is our Marketing Production Assistant here at CUDONI. He helps us materialise our vision in terms of photo and video assets. He is also eager and always (over) excited about shooting iconic items from amazing brands.

Give the Gift of luxury: Fine Jewellery

Rather than making a bolder choice. But her top tip? “Don’t forget that luxury jewellery and watches are forever gifts to be passed down for generations. They’re heirlooms with a life cycle of their own. The re-sale of luxury jewellery and watches means you are entering that cycle and are able to offer that little bit more.”

Give the Gift of luxury: Pre-Loved Handbags

The festive season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the gifts you’re going to treat your loved ones to. This is the year to be more mindful about your shopping, and take a more circular approach. It’s kinder to the planet, it’s better for your budget, and it’ll help you find more unique gifts they’ll surely love.

Gucci Size Guide

Gucci is loved by many and if you’re buying a Gucci item you’ll want to ensure you buy the correct size. Read our Gucci size guide for men and women.